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European Ecolabel

Sustainable development

Welcome to our eco-responsible apartment hotel in the heart of the city of Rennes.

" Familial and green, the Garden Appart is committed to an environmental approach to contribute to respect for the planet and the environment"

Why did you choose the European Ecolabel?

The name of our hotel apartment "GARDEN" evokes nature and it seemed obvious to us to try to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The EUROPEAN ECOLABEL for tourist accommodation implies a commitment to improve energy and water savings, waste sorting, and the use of more environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Customer awareness is also at the heart of this approach.
The hosting is audited by an independent AFNOR CERTIFICATION body every two years on the basis of the criteria of the reference system.

Here is a focus on three themes that are close to our hearts at the Garden and on which we worked in 2018!

Local consumption at Garden Apartments

Our local breakfasts are made up of a rigorous selection of products, most of them from the Rennes region.
The Garden Apparts, committed to the environment, favour short circuits with direct supply from producers.

A good start to the day!

Soya milk (TRIBALLAT-SOJASUN in Noyal sur Vilaine) (35), pastries and bread (BRIDOR in Servon sur Vilaine), milk (AGRILAIT cooperative in Cesson Sévigné) (35), muesli from organic farming (CERECO in Châteaubourg) are produced by larger but local companies. These companies contribute to the dynamics of the region.


Packaging and selective sorting

For more than two centuries, we have been drawing on the planet's resources without counting. There are more and more of us on Earth! 1.5 billion inhabitants in 1900, 7.5 billion in 2017, perhaps 9 billion in 2050. This phenomenal growth is unprecedented. (Source: ADEME)

Therefore, at the apartments, we of course practice selective sorting. But that's not all!


We have decided to promote other initiatives to improve the recovery of our waste and its packaging.

We have installed a compost tank in the patio of our hotel (Garden Hotel): coffee grounds, tea bags, banana peels and kiwi as well as green waste are deposited there at the end of each service. This system enriches our soil and responsibly eliminates the waste produced by the breakfast service.


We have also selected other partners who are more eager for organic waste: chickens!

They eat bread and pastries from the previous day, cheeses and other peels. Raised in the open air in our country, they thank us every day by producing good eggs. 


Our establishment is a LPO Refuge 

This year, the Garden Hotel received the label of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO)

The LPO is a network of local associations active in 79 departments. It is the first nature protection association in France. It works on a daily basis to protect species, preserve spaces and educate and raise awareness of the environment.

By receiving this label, we want to show that we are part of the collective effort to protect nature.
Indeed, the hotel's patio is a small refuge in the heart of the city conducive to the installation of bird nests (especially in our large climbing honeysuckle.) !

We do not use insecticides, we do manual weeding to preserve all the elements necessary for the birds' life. 

Feel free to contact us for more information, or go directly to the LPO Ille et Vilaine website.